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About the Interreligious Education and Pedagogy Project (IEPP)

From 2015 to 2019, the GTU received a grant from the Henry Luce Foundation to explore the current state of interreligious education in seminaries and theological schools. That effort was launched more a less simultaneously with the revision of the GTU PhD Program to be more expressly interreligious, which now features more than thirty concentrations organized under four interreligious departments.

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State of Interreligious Education

The Interreligious Education and Pedagogy Project hosted conversations among a number of scholars and leaders in that field, and resulted in a report on The Current State of Interreligious Education by Judith Berling and a critical volume, Experiments in Empathy for our Time, edited by Heidi Hadsell and Najeeba Syeed. We also offered a Workshop on Interreligious Pedagogies at the 2018 Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Religion in Denver.

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Community of Interreligious Innovation

The Graduate Theological Union is a truly global, multireligious community of scholars, learners, and leaders. Our students, faculty, and larger campus community come together from many diverse cultures and faith traditions. We are people who share a commitment to both rigorous scholarship and deep religious engagement.

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Latest News

GTU Hosts Consultation on Interreligious Education

From the Spring 2019 edition of Skylight.  On January 14-16, 2019, the Graduate Theological Union hosted a regional consultation on the theme of interreligious theological education as part of a larger study of “Current and Future Directions in Theological Education.” The three-year project, designed to cultivate sustained reflection and conversation on theological education at the field level, is funded by the Henry Luce Foundation, and overseen by Lancaster Theological Seminary. Given its leadership in interreligious theological education, the GTU was an outstanding choice to host this particular event. Three GTU faculty members were among the presenters at the consultation. Dean Uriah Kim’s presentation on interreligious theological education and institutional change articulated some of the challenges [...]

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